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About Jack Jablonski BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation

Meet the first two BEL13VER Scholarship recipients

Tax deductible gift to the Jack Jablonski BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation help fund BEL13VER Scholarships to provide access for others with spinal cord injuries to the same ABLE recovery therapies helping Jack.

Meet our first recipients.

Meet Lindsay.  Six years ago, 19-year-old Lindsay H. (now 25) was a college sophomore on her school’s basketball team when a devastating car crash injured her spinal cord – leaving her quadriplegic.  Nearly four years after her injury, Lindsay entered ABLE. After just three months, she took her first steps with a walker.  Since January she is continuing to make progress in ABLE because a BEL13VER scholarship was available when she could no longer afford the therapy program on her own. Insurance does not support Lindsay's ABLE therapy, BEL13VERS do.

Meet Kevin.  On July 4, 2012, Kevin M. (age 25) dove into Forest Lake and injured his spine, leaving him without use of his body from mid-chest down.  In October a BEL13VER scholarship allowed Kevin to begin ABLE recovery therapy, and after three intense months he now walks completely unassisted.  "ABLE gave me back my life," Kevin says.  Insurance did not cover ABLE for Kevin.  BEL13VERS did.

Neuro-Recovery Through ABLE

ABLE (Activity-Based Locomotor Exercise) uses emerging research to customize interventions such as body weight supported locomotor training and functional electrical stimulation to maximize neurorecovery by providing input to the central nervous system and challenging muscles below the level of spinal cord injury.

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Offline donations may be mailed to:

Jack Jablonski BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation
3001 Louisiana Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55427

If you would like to get in contact with a Foundation representative, please click on the ‘Contact Us’ link on the top navigation of this website.


To stay connected and follow Jack's story through CaringBridge, please click here.


Thank you for your incredible support!

BEL13VERS create new foundation to advance spinal cord injury recovery

     December 29, 2012.    Inspired by the tens of thousands of BEL13VERS who rallied to support Jack Jablonski during the past year, a group of dedicated volunteers created a new foundation to do 'something amazing' to advance spinal cord injury care and recovery.

     "The Jack Jablonski BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation has two priorities," according to Mike Steinhauser, chairperson of the foundation board of directors.  "First, we want to help others with spinal cord injuries have access to the same great therapies helping Jack today.  Beyond that, we will also fund research to advance spinal cord injury recovery.  We are very excited about what can happen in 2013 for everyone with a spinal cord injury."

     A year ago this weekend, Jack Jablonski was a sophomore at Benilde-St. Margaret's High School in St. Louis Park, MN when a hit during a high school hockey game on Dec. 30, 2011 caused an injury to his spinal cord (High Tetraplegia to the C4 vertebrae).  The initial prognosis was grim, and Jack is still unable to control muscles from his chest down. But his progress has been steady because of the recovery therapies that were available for him, first at Abbott Northwestern Hospital's Sister Kenny Institute and then at Courage Center in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

     "I can't improve if I don't try," Jack Jablonski said during a recent interview about how Minnesota Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson and Jack inspire each other.  "What if something amazing happens today?"

     "The ABLE program at Courage Center has been remarkable for Jack," Leslie Jablonski, Jack's mom, said recently.  "What Jack has been able to because of this program is amazing.  2013 is going to be Jack's year.  We all believe it."

     ABLE, part of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation NeuroRecovery Network, opened at Courage Center in early 2011, less than a year before Jack's injury.

     "Right now, Jack's best hope for a cure is the ABLE program at the Courage Center," Leslie continued.  "ABLE was there for Jack because of the generosity and commitment of Christopher Reeve and others with injuries similar to Jack's who would not accept the status quo and pursued a better approach to care and a cure for spinal cord injuries.  As the anniversary of the hockey game when Jack was injured approaches, our family is humbled and honored that the power of Jack's story might help advance recovery for everyone with a spinal cord injury.  We are grateful to the many volunteers who have come forward to do so much for Jack, and now for everyone with a spinal cord injury."

     Fundraising inspired by Jack's story and example has already raised more than $50,000 for scholarships to the ABLE program so others would have access to the same remarkable therapy that has benefited Jack.  The ABLE program is not covered by most insurance plans, including Jack's during 2012.

     "Jack has a long road ahead in his continuing recovery," said John Besse, a member of the BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation board along with his wife Cheryl, who co-chaired the BEL13VE Gala at the Xcel Center in July.  "But Jack and his family know that what will benefit Jack the most is what will benefit everyone faced with the trauma of a life-changing spinal cord injury.  Jack is doing his part as he works every day on his therapy.  With the BEL13VE Foundation, we want to help advance the next 'miracle' in spinal cord injury recovery for Jack and for everyone with a spinal cord injury. "

    "Our goal for 2013 is to do something amazing for spinal cord injury recovery," said Mike Steinhauser.  "Those of who formed the BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation believe that one person can be strong and that many working together are mighty.  Jack continues to be strong, but to advance spinal cord injury recovery for everybody and make a miracle we need to be mighty.  We need help from all  of the BEL13VERS.  We are inviting all of those thousands who rallied Jack during the past year to stay with him in 2013 as we work for a cure."

Jack's Story from Hockey Day Minnesota Broadcast in January 2012 - Produced by Fox Sports North

One Day in the Life of Jabby

Jack Jablonski is known as Jabby or Jabs to his friends.  He is a gifted young varsity hockey player for Benilde St. Margarets high school (St. Louis Park, Minnesota).  He also played baseball and varsity tennis.  His favorite hockey player is Pavol Datsyuk (#13) of the Detroit Red Wings.  During 2011, Jack was a 50 goal/110 point scoring forward for the Minneapolis/Park Storm Minnesota Bantam A.  He is a big brother to Max and a son to Mike and Leslie.  He is a friend to many.

And he is an inspiration to a whole community.

While playing the game he still loves, Jack suffered a tragic spinal cord injury on December 30, 2011.  As he persued a loose puck in the offensive zone, Jack was checked into the boards and in that moment his life was changed.

The injury caused serious damage to Jack's spinal cord and broke two vertebrae. He underwent a successful surgery to fuse vertebrae to protect his spinal cord from further injury, but the spinal cord was already partially severed, resulting in quadriplegia.

Since Jack's injury, his friends and classmates have been joined by thousands of others who support Jack and share his belief that he will skate again.  The response by these BEL13VERS renews faith in both the kindness of people and in the power of hope to make a miracle.  The determination Jack shows every day encourages us all to do more.


The injury is the beginning of a new journey. Jack has many more gifts to share with the world.  Already his experience has increased awareness about the needs and challenges created by a spinal cord injury.  Through his inspiration, he is already improving recovery opportunities for others with a spinal cord injury.  Donations to the Jack Jablonksi BEL13VE in Miracles Foundation will help advance spinal cord injury recovery therapy research and also provide access to existing therapies for those denied help for financial reasons.

To all BEL13VERS, the love and support you have given Jack and the Jablonski family is deeply appreciated.  Thank you.